Welcome to Dirty South Entertainment. This is the world premier music site for undiscovered music. For artist who are just beginning and trying to get their music out to the public. Through this site, your music can be downloaded by anyone who is interested in buying your song, or buying your whole CD. The best thing about this site is you set the price for how much you want to sell a song, or CD and you keep 100% of the sale. We don't charge a percentage of the cost of your music such as other music sites. You pay $20 to post your music on this site, and again, you keep 100% of your record sales.   The sky is the limit where you can reach for the stars and let your talent shine with Dirty South Entertainment.

It is so easy to get your music out there. Just follow these steps.

1) Open your music file on your computer.

2) Select the song, or songs your want to post.

3) Send your music to dirtysouthentertainment.biz

4) You must have a paypal account to post your music, and get paid. It's Free.

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